Massachusetts Officers Save Choking Puppy in Police Station

May 6, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

In this video, watch as this distraught owner brings her choking pup into a police station. This is sure to make anyone feel her emotion and pain!

The lady in the video brings her dog into the police station after it started choking on some food. She didn’t know what to do so desperately asked for help from the police force on duty. The pup is still when he comes into the police station carried by a man trying to perform CPR with no luck. Bondhi, the nine-week old dog was eating some food when he choked and could not be brought around by its owner. She paces the police station in a panic and begs for help from the policemen who come running to the rescue.

The officers get to work trying to get Bondhi breathing again. They work on compressing his chest but have no luck but they are determined to get this little guy breathing. The poor pup lays lifeless on the police station floor as more and more officers get involved. They keep trying to help him, discussing between themselves ways to bring him back. All the while, Bondhi’s owner paces back and forth in a lot of distress.

After a few minutes and with some true hero help from the police, Bondhi regains consciousness once his airway has been cleared. He is wrapped in a blanket and comforted by the police and the owner breaks down into tears of relief. The puppy was given oxygen and then they took him off to vets to give him a checkup. Luckily, the biggest danger was over! Thanks to these hero cops, Bondhi, and his owner could go home together!

Credit: North Reading Police Department via Storyful