Masks, Lies, and Control

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
September 8, 2021 Updated: September 8, 2021

The left is calling people racists, killers, and horrible traitors if they do not join them in forcing masks upon everyone. Their unions, especially the teachers’ unions, are supporting the efforts to mask all our children when they know little about what that will do to their social and psychological development.

I ask people to remember the history of their so-called science over the past two years. When they wanted everyone to get the injection, they said that the science proved that 99 percent of the masks let “China virus” particles through both ways. So there was no protection from it in the air and did not protect others if the masked person had the virus. They forced science down our throats to get people inoculated and sweetened it with promises that if we only did this it would be over soon.

But, I believe, there are important elections coming, so forcing the shot is no longer good for them. They now return to their controlling standby: we must wear masks and gatherings are bad and mass mail-in voting is the only way to go. Meanwhile, they still want to force our young soldiers to get the injections while ignoring the huge study of the negative effects on teens and those in their twenties. They sit on records of young soldiers who have already had heart problems soon after the shot!

I believe that we are being lied to in order to manipulate us to their ends at any time. Their science is picked to support their ends and not to get us out of COVID. They have no idea as to how to do so. Their COVID plans are as poor as their Afghanistan withdrawal plans!


Rev. Michael T. Buttner