Marnie Bennett’s Path to Success

By Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison
September 11, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Marnie Bennett does not have what you would call a typical success story. In fact, her path to success as a real estate agent and marketing consultant was anything but easy. She did not have a privileged upbringing, nor did she have that family connections that would give her a leg-up in the business world. Young Marnie was raised by a single mother and was let parentless by the age of 19. But she did not let her tough upbringing become an obstacle to her future success. In fact it became the driving force and strength she needed to obtain a degree in Law and Economics from Carleton University while working full-time in real estate and raising three children. Today, those three children, a son-in-law, and Bennett’s husband all share in the success of Marnie’s real estate brokerage.

Bennett became a licensed Realtor in 1981 and quickly showed a knack for getting the most out of her clients’ property. She was a highly successful Realtor for a few years before she was approached by a custom home builder and became the company’s Executive Vice-President. Then, in 2007, the $40 million company was bought-out and Bennett found herself without a job. But did not keep her down long. Showing the grit that characterized her upbringing, Bennett decided to strike out on her own and set up her own real estate shop with Keller Williams.

A scant three years later, in 2010, Bennett Property Shop Realty Brokerage became the number one Keller Williams firm in the world. Marine was the first woman and first Canadian to be named the number one Keller Williams broker when she received the honor in 2010, an award that she also won in 2011. With her success as a Realtor came recognition for her marketing abilities. After all, the ability to market a property is one of the most important skills. Today, Bennett is a renowned marketing consultant who is know for her outside-the-box strategies. She specializes in providing marketing and sales strategies for new and resale homes, investment real estate properties, and condominiums.

Bennett is also a thought leader, writer and commentator on the Canadian real estate and condo market. She has written a nationally syndicated column for CanWest Global newspapers entitled Property Talk. Her Home Smarts column appears regularly in New Home and Condo Guide magazine. She has also provided commentary on CTV and CBC News on real estate markets and trends. You can also hear her real estate expertise live on two weekly radio shows: The Real Estate Hour and Business Class, both syndicated by Bell Media.

Marnie Bennett is a great example of how dedication, grit, and the never-ending desire to learn can lead to success.