Mario Goetze Girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel: See Pictures of Germany World Cup Star and Ann-Kathrin Vida on Holiday

Germany World Cup star Mario Goetze went on holiday with his girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel recently.

The couple were spotted taking a mud bath at Formentera, Spain.

Check out some photos of Ann-Kathrin at the mud bath, as well as some holiday photos by Goetze.

Goetze already had a reputation as a very talented young footballer for some years, but his stock rose after he netted the winning goal for Germany at World Cup 2014.

The 22-year-old Bayern Munich forward was modest about his goal.

“Andre [Schurrle] put in a superb ball and I was able to control it on my chest,” Goetze told

“Then somehow the ball was in the net.

Goetze added: “Everything happened so quickly but it was great to see how much of a release it gave the team and how we still fought right until the very end.”

“We thoroughly deserved to win it because we’re a great side. It’s an indescribable moment.”

Goetze’s girlfriend, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, also rose to prominence with the Germany star’s new-found fame.

Brommel, 24, was born on December 6, 1989 in Emmerich, Germany, and is currently a model and blogger.

However, Brommel has an independent streak, doesn’t like being known as Goetze’s girlfriend.

“Someone whose purpose in life it is to be the wife of someone I cannot understand. Although I am also the girlfriend of Mario Götze, but I have my own personal goals I want to achieve. Otherwise, I could not be more happy,” Brömmel was quoted as saying in an interview to GQ magazine.