Marine Discharged for Criticizing Obama on Facebook

April 26, 2012 Updated: April 29, 2012

A U.S. Marine was discharged on Wednesday for posting critical comments against President Barack Obama on Facebook, it was reported.

The Marine Corps told NBC San Diego that Sgt. Gary Stein was given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating speech limitations on members of the armed service. He will lose all benefits in the discharge.

In a statement on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Stein said, “Even though I will be discharged, no one can take the title of Marine away from me.”

Stein created a Facebook paged called the “Armed Forces Tea Party” in 2010, which has displayed posts criticizing Obama.

“How can some words that I wrote on Facebook outweigh my 9 years of service?” Stein asked in court earlier this month regarding a potential discharge, according to NBC San Diego.

NBC reported that Stein criticized Obama on Facebook at least five times, with the U.S. attorney’s office telling him to curb his “inflammatory” comments.