Man Who Led Police in Long Car Chase Gets Arrested Again

December 14, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

A male suspect in Oklahoma City, who led police on a lengthy, high-speed car chase back in November—was arrested again in December.

Brenton Hager, 25, made headlines last month after stealing a vehicle and leading police on a three-hour car chase through Oklahoma City and Moore. Now he is in jail for the second time—and for the similar crime of theft.

In the November incident, officers eventually caught up with Hager after he crashed into a farm pond. Officers then used a taser and took him into custody.

Epoch Times Photo
Brenton Hager. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Hager was arrested again on Thursday, Dec. 14 at the 6410 Northwest Expressway. This time for hiding stolen property and being in possession of a stolen vehicle, according to CBS affiliate News9.

Hager stole the vehicle days ago on Tuesday. He stole it from an apartment complex located in the 3100 block of NW 140 in Oklahoma City.

Police said on Tuesday the owner of the vehicle, a man who was unnamed, called police around 8 a.m to report that his vehicle had been stolen. He told police he started his car but had to go back to his apartment to get something. When he came back, his car was gone, Fox25 reported.

Hager was arrested this time for receiving, possessing, concealing, selling, and attempting to dispose of a stolen vehicle, according to NBC affiliate KFOR-TV. He was found with the stolen vehicle.

No further information has been released about Hager’s charges.

Hager’s aunt, Ashley Rodriguez, told KFOR in November that he had been released from jail about a year ago from other charges.

She said that at one point in his life, Hager had been in a maximum security prison and described how he was filled with “angst” whenever his family would visit.

Rodriguez told KFOR that his troubled life all started back when he was around 18 he became addicted to drugs.

“It’s not an excuse but, 100 percent, the drugs. It really takes your soul and you become a completely different person,” Rodriguez said.

Court records show that he was sentenced on drug charges in 2014 and 2015.


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