Man Fires Shots at Indianapolis Police Officer’s House, Car

July 13, 2016 Updated: July 13, 2016

A man was arrested for shooting at an Indianapolis police officer’s home and car this week, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Tuesday.

The incident took place 2:30 a.m. that morning. The 10-year veteran officer was at home with his family when he heard gunfire. The officer quickly radioed that his residence and car were shot, the police department said in a report.

“Responding officers arrived on scene and immediately began checking with neighbors after confirming the officer and his family were OK,” Indianapolis police said.

“Tips from the community, along with officers and detectives canvassing the area for information, allowed for quick apprehension of 27-year-old suspect, March Ratney,” the police department confirmed.

Police said Ratney fired more than a dozen rounds at the officer’s house. His patrol car was shot three times and his home five times, the department said.

Ratney had been released from prison last month after serving a sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to WIBC-TV. He was wearing a T-shirt that had epithets directed at police. The back of his shirt said, “Black Lives Matter,” IMPD Chief Troy Riggs told the station.

Ratney also screamed that he hated the police while he was shooting, Fox 59 reported. “Think about this, this is your home,” said Riggs. “If there is one place in this world where you should always feel safe and your family should feel safe, it is in your home.”

Riggs, however, said he doesn’t believe Ratney is a representative of any movement or organization.

The gun hasn’t yet been recovered, Riggs added.

Police said Ratney denied the shooting but then got angry, cursing at the officers, according to Fox59.