Man Crushed Under Steel Bars, Passersby Run to His Rescue

June 26, 2019 Updated: June 26, 2019

A man transporting steel bars was crushed under them as the supports on his vehicle collapsed, only to be rescued moments later by passersby, according to Chinese new outlet Guangdong Econ-Science Channel.

steel crush rescue
Before and after images of the steel bars falling. (User: KNews/

The man suffered fractures to his spine. After the steel bars were lifted off of the man, he was conscious, but unable to move.

steel crush rescue
The man after the bars were removed. (User: KNews/

Security camera footage caught the incident in Foshan City in Guangdong Province, China on June 13.

People Run to the Rescue

Security footage showed that as the three-wheeled car rolled over a bump, the driver hit the brakes. A three-wheeled car is a common low-cost vehicle used in China.

steel crush rescue
People running to the incident. (User: KNews/

However, when the vehicle jerked to a stop, the bars that were being carried on the supports of the vehicle slipped forward, and collapsed the structure.

The driver was immediately crushed inside.

steel crush rescue
Aerial view of the rescue. (User: KNews/

Within moments, people standing nearby began shouting for help. Suddenly, a group of nearly 30 people ran over to the car, lifting and pushing at the steel bars.

“His chest, head, neck were crushed against the gas tank of the motorcycle—of the three wheeled car,” said one unidentified person who helped at the scene, according to Guangdong Channel.

steel crush rescue
People lifting the bars. (User: KNews/

The man said that the steel bars were tied together in bunches with rope. “Some of the people pulled, some of them turned the bars over, some lifted them up,” the man said to Guangdong Channel. “After they lifted the bars up, that person inside was still awake, but his body couldn’t move.”

steel crush rescue
An ambulance arriving to take the man to the hospital. (User: KNews/

An ambulance was called, and the victim was taken to the hospital. He was confirmed to have fractured his spine—the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae—but the injuries are not life threatening.