Man Charged With Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Social Worker to Death

By Alan Cheung
Alan Cheung
Alan Cheung
August 20, 2019 Updated: August 20, 2019

A social worker was stabbed to death after a work visit to a house in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Belinda Rose was pronounced dead on Aug. 3 at a house with multiple occupants after the police were called, the Daily Mail reported.

Inderjit Ram, 52, was arrested on the same day and charged with murder on Aug. 19.

A local resident said that Rose would visit the property frequently to ensure the occupants “lived the best life they could,” the Daily Mail reported.

Rose would frequently invite neighbors to “parties and nights out,” according to the resident.

“We became quite close over time,” the resident said.

The resident added that the 63-year-old had troubles of her own.

“I can’t stop thinking about Belinda and her family, she had been dealing with her husband who had been very ill recently, so for this to happen now is beyond belief,” the person said.

Rose was working for the landlord of the property who provided supported living for the occupants, the Mirror reported.

Another neighbor talked about her attitude, tenants, and work history.

“She was working between various properties that the landlord owned and looking after tenants, who had various problems including autism.”

“It was a private arrangement. She had worked as a social worker for the prison service and all over, and just loved working with people.”

‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Claims Social Services Took Her Baby

“Game of Thrones” actress Josephine Gillan claimed that Israeli social services workers reportedly took her 8-month-child.

“Absolutely heartbreaking! … My baby being kidnapped in the middle of the night by #israeli #socialservices And I have no idea where she is!! #IsraeliCrimes #sowrong #iwantmybabyback distressing and disturbing to watch for those with a heart,” she wrote on Twitter.

Gillan said the infant was taken while she was being looked after by a friend, according to the Daily Mail.

The infant was in the care of her friend while Gillan, a British-Israeli citizen, was under therapy for postnatal depression mandated by social services, the paper reported. Despite that, she said officials took the baby away.

“Nothing but sick twisted #socialworkers #socialservices trying to ruin lives and separate a baby from its mother that hasn’t done anything wrong! They kidnapped my baby!!!” she also wrote on social media.

One reason she moved to Israel, according to news reports, is that she was fearing British welfare authorities would take her child away.

“Eight months ago she gave birth in Israel and began to raise her child under close supervision from the social services in her community and with the help of a friend,” a person familiar with her case was quoted by the Mail as saying.

“At a certain stage she left the baby with a friend and flew to the UK for an extended period, which caused the intervention of the welfare authorities and the courts,” the person added.

Israel’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services said her case was being dealt with by several departments and officials were in contact with British welfare authorities, according to The Independent.

The statement said, “Our only priority is the welfare of the baby and we are trying to find the best solution.” It didn’t elaborate on the details.

85 Percent of Social Workers Were Assaulted, Harassed, or Verbally Abused

Community care did an online survey that revealed 85 percent of 446 social workers were physically assaulted, harassed, or verbally abused in the UK in 2014.

Social workers were either abused by service users or the relatives of service users.

The abuse ranges from verbal and physical abuse on the street to having hot beverages thrown on them, stabbings, and being held hostage.

Some social workers had to move to another place of residence to escape the frequent abuse.

“I had to give up my home and move,” a respondent said.

One of the survey respondents left a comment regarding an incident they had experienced.

“On one occasion, a service user’s son threatened to hunt me down and talked about weapons he could use, all because I was supporting his father in his wish to access respite care.”

Another respondent, who worked in the profession for 14 years, said he was stabbed in two separate incidents, threatened with a firearm, spat at, and punched.

“The findings show a failure on the part of many employers to take prevention seriously or to respond properly when incidents do happen. This can and does have tragic consequences,” said Helga Pile, Unison’s national officer for social care.

“If nothing else, employers should look urgently at what leaving this issue unchecked is costing them through absences, loss of skilled experienced staff, and recruitment costs,” Pile added.

Epoch Times reporter Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

Alan Cheung
Alan Cheung