Video: Puppy Gets Stuck in Exhaust Pipe and Has to Be Rubbed in Shampoo to Be Freed

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

A video of the desperate moment a two month old puppy was rescued from an iron pipe by a team of men in Maejo has gone viral online.

In the video we see the men trying hard to release the poor animal from an exhaust pipe it had managed to get itself completely wedged inside. All we can see of the pup is its white fur covered head poking out of the rigid metal.

Using tools and their bare hands they pull and pry at the hard metal in a vain attempt to release the distraught pup from its snare but their initial attempts are.

After pulling at the pup from its rear for many seconds they give in and try to shoe horn the animal back the way it had come through the pipe by pushing its head down. Unfortunately, try as they might they just cannot get all the puppies skin and fur to go back inside the pipe and it remains stuck fast.

They then resort to using cutting tools and begin to hack away at the metal with saws and metal cutters. Slowly we watch as the metal is peeled away from the poor pup’s motionless body but with no release in sight they return to trying to shoe horn the dog back into the pipe and out the way it had gone in.

Nothing seemed to work until one of the rescuers comes up with the bright idea of using soap to as lubrication. Slowly the lathered pup is pushed back inside the pipe and with a plop it is free and sitting on the floor.

The final shots of the video show the dog wagging its tail weakly as it is washed down to remove the dirt and soap it had accumulated during its ordeal.

Video Credit: Viralhog