Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Trailer: Spoiler, Limbo, Transit, or It’s All Up in the Air? [+Videos]

March 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mad Men Season 7 trailers were released Thursday, March 20, and its still all up in the air.

The “Mad Men Takes Off” trailer is the one that offers hints, if any, of what will happen in the first half of Mad Men’s two-season finale.

Producer Matt Weiner, however, is still playing his cards close to the chest.

Everyone’s (Megan, Betty, Pete, Roger, Peggy, Don, in that order) looking very late 1960s (Season 7 is after all set in 1969) fashionable.

Everyone’s at the airport.

Everyone’s in slow motion.

Are they heading somewhere, another place (probably ticket-buying Pete, luggage-toting Peggy, top of airplane stairs Don)? Waiting for someone (Smoking Betty and gazing Roger)?

Maybe there’s nothing to read in at all in this trailer.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of being a 31 second spoiler goldmine, this is one big red herring.

Or maybe Weiner is just stating the obvious. The first 14 episodes of Season 7 are just the transit, the limbo space, the airport, that the characters must pass through before heading to their final destination.

And also to keep Mad Men fans stuck in speculation airport before Season 7 premieres Sunday, April 13, 10:00 p.m. ET.