Luis Miguel Dies? Nope, Mexican Singer Isn’t Dead; ‘RIP’ Rumors Appear On Twitter

March 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Is Luis Miguel dead? No, he’s not, despite RIP rumors that cropped up following the Mexican singer’s plastic surgery operation.

Miguel, the popular 43-year-old singer, is the subject of many rumors regarding his life, but this may be the first time that those rumors were about his death.

He supposedly died in a hospital after complications during the plastic surgery operation, but Miguel’s brother Alejandro Basteri denied the rumors.

“It is incredible that they revive stories from the past that were ALWAYS false,” he said via Twitter. “Don’t let pseudo journalists that live off of lies fool you.”

A number of media outlets spread the false information, which included the the singer being hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, California following the singer getting liposuction and facial work. 

Euge Cabral, host of the radio show “La Hora De Luis Miguel,” led the denials of the rumors alongside Basteri.

“How can they alarm readers picking up an old article? It is very ugly what they do,” she said, also via Twitter. “They don’t work!”

Among the outlets that reported the news was Diario Basta.

“You are not informing yourselves! Is that how the media works? Picking up old stories? You are a shame,” Cabral said. “It is really alarming that a pseudo journalist revives a false story and the media give it an echo.”


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