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Losing Hair? Going Bald? Can it Really be Stopped?–Natural and Medical Methods

Can You Really Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Going Bald?

What causes hair loss?–Is it the same in women, as it is in men?–Are there really ways to, turn hair loss around?

Let’s dig in…

Hair loss is exTremely common– Hereditary hair loss affects an estimated eighty million people in the U.S.

For many a celebrity—Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Patrick Stewart (aka Capt. Jean-Luc Picard)—baldness is part of their iconic look. By and large though, hair loss, alongside wrinkles and dark circles, is another undesired hallmark of aging to be avoided if at all possible.

But, is there really anything that can be done to slow it down, stop it, or even reverse it?

Perhaps, as with many of life’s curveballs, just keeping a sense of humor about it is an important place to start.

Humor—alongside natural health, medicine, and even surgery—is one of the hair-loss strategies I explore in this episode of #VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon.

The first step is identifying whether or not it’s hereditary.

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