Logger Falls Into Sinkhole, Spends Nearly 24 Hours There Before Being Rescued

February 8, 2018 Updated: February 8, 2018

Bill Burke spent nearly 24 hours underground after falling into a 16-foot sinkhole while working as a logger in the state of Washington.

“Next thing I know, one foot went down and then both my feet went down. And next thing I know, I’m up to my arms. And then all at once, all the sticks and everything that was holding me up broke, and down I went,” Burke told Q13 Fox.

He tried for hours to escape but any attempts were futile.

He huddled in for the night and waited for his friend Jimmy Stennett, who had agreed to help him on the job the next morning near Montesano.

“I’m waiting and his wife calls me at 6:17 and she says have you seen Bill? And I say no and she says, ‘Well, he never called last night,’” Stennett told the broadcaster.

He rushed to the forest and started searching for his buddy.

He finally found Burke’s hard hat and then saw him down in the hole.

Stennett called 911 and rescue crews arrived.

I had a sneaking hunch that if anybody was going figure this out, if Jimmy made it down there, he’d be the one. Jimmy’s a hero to me. He’s a superhero and I’m here,” Burke said.

According to the Utah Geological Survey, “a sinkhole is a surface depression or hole created by the collapse of an underlying cave.”

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