Little Dog Was Hit by Car and Left in a Gutter–but Watch Her Amazing Transformation After Rescue

March 19, 2019 Updated: April 4, 2019

Eldad Hagar is no stranger to rolling through some rather rough neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, in his Toyota SUV. It’s his passion for his work rescuing lost or abandoned dogs that leads him down into the backstreets of the hot desert concrete jungle more than anything else.

Hagar, who is the founder of dog-rescue org Hope For Paws, was creeping slowly down one such street, eyes peeled for a poor little injured pooch that had been hit by a car and left for dead by the curb near a dumpster. The area looked like some sort of ghetto housing project, with functionally numbered buildings and barred windows—certainly not luxury, and not the sort of place you’d want to hang around for too long.

Sadly, most of the dogs Hagar picks up are often found in worse places than this. The life of a stray dog amidst the LA infrastructure can be absolutely merciless and miserable.

He had the person who called on the phone and was trying to get some more specific directions about where the dog was when he spotted a little white dog lying in the gutter beside a filthy green dumpster.

“Oh, yes I see him,” Hagar said.

The poor pup had apparently been lying on the road for 24 hours like a piece of trash, and she was covered in dust and grime. And from what Hagar had gathered, he suspected her pelvis was broken, which meant she would be in pain. That would likely also mean he wouldn’t have to chase her down through the neighborhood as he so often has to do while on his calls.

Hagar got out of his SUV with a blanket that he would use to lift the injured little dog without moving her too much. She looked at him warily, and even if she were scared, as most stray dogs are, she was in no position to flee with her injuries. But Hagar was good with dogs and knew how to gain their trust quickly, which wasn’t too difficult anyway, as the little dog knew she needed help.

Gently, Hagar rolled her onto the blanket, lifted her in his arms, and placed her into the passenger’s seat of his SUV before taking her to the vet. Hagar lamented how people could leave a dog in pain for so many hours without calling for help.

Somewhere along the rescue, Hagar decided to name the dog Lady.

Thankfully, someone had called, and Hagar had gotten there on time. At the vet, an X-ray was taken, and it turned out that Hagar was correct about her pelvis being broken, and because of that, they weren’t able to give her a bath—even though she desperately needed one to wash the filth and fleas off of her. But in the end, Lady’s story ended well, thankfully.

Eldad Hagar has been rescuing dogs for over 10 years, but he’s also been video-recording many of those rescues (and he’s become quite good at producing). As a result, Hope For Paws rescue journeys have become quite famous on YouTube, and one of the reasons for that is the seemingly miraculous transformations that these street dogs go through after they are given a new, loving forever home with a loving human owner.

Watch the rescue and transformation of Lady to see exactly what we mean! After mending up from her injuries and finding a new home, she’s practically a brand-new dog with shimmering white fur and a personality to match—full of spunk and gratitude toward her savior, Hagar.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel