Let’s Get Organized – Part II

March 23, 2015 Updated: March 23, 2015

I wrote before about the virtues of having a well-ordered closet. Now here is part two of how to organize your closets, drawers, and your life.

Never hang knits from the shoulders. That’s a definite no-no because they’ll stretch. Knit suits and dresses should be folded horizontally at the waist or knees and hung from the rod of the hanger. It’s a good idea to pad the rod with tissue paper first. An exception is some light knit jackets that I do hang, but I first cross the sleeves over the opposite shoulder: Right sleeve draped over left shoulder and left over right shoulder. This keeps it from stretching. 

My hats are kept in hat boxes on the shelf. 

On the floor of one closet I have a large basket with my pantyhose. I keep all my pantyhose together in clear plastic bags with slips of paper describing what is inside and how many pairs. For instance, inside one bag will be hose and a note reading, five pairs sheer black with seam. This way I always know what I have and what I need and never go looking for brown hose only to find my last pair has a run. 

In another basket I keep my kneehighs and socks. Naturally, all my red socks are together, all my white, etc. 

My scarves are hung folded in half horizontally on the rod of a hanger. You can fit many scarves on the same hanger. When you look for a particular scarf, you just fold over the top scarves until you find the one you are looking for.

Heavy chains and belts are hung from a hook. Thin, dainty chains are wrapped around a piece of doubled paper and placed in my jewelry box. 

I’m lucky enough to be able to devote an entire closet just to shoes. Most are out of boxes and on shelves, grouped by color. Since I’ve run out of shelves, I stack some in boxes, but I tape a note outside each box so I know what’s inside: Anne Klein black velvet, Michael Kors metallic.

I know—I’m disgustingly organized. But it saves me from ever going to my closet and saying, “I have nothing to wear.” It really works; I promise.