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Lee Smith: When the State Overrides Parental Decisions; 12-Year-Old Coached Into LGBTQ Club in Secret

“That’s where you will learn your lessons, you will learn your morality, and you will learn who your enemies are, as well as who your friends are”—from the state, says journalist and author Lee Smith.

In this episode, Smith describes the push he sees to replace parental authority with that of the state.

In recent news, a California woman alleges staff indoctrinated her then 12-year-old daughter in an LGBTQ club that was disguised as an “equality club.”

Meanwhile, New York has a bill in the works that would give the state authority over parents to vaccinate their children. The Bill, S30-41, would apply to children 14 years and older.

These developments are on opposite sides of the country, but are perhaps not unrelated.

What might they reveal about the shifting roles and powers of the state in our children’s lives?

Lee Smith is a veteran investigative journalist who writes for both “The Epoch Times” and “The Tablet.”


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