Leaked: Names, Details of 7 Hong Kong Policemen Who Beat Ken Tsang

October 23, 2014 Updated: October 23, 2014

The details of the seven cops who ganged up on an Occupy Central protester have been leaked.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, a group of policemen were caught on camera dragging a restrained activist to a dark alley before repeatedly hitting and kicking him.

The video was widely circulated on the web, and the Hong Kong police force was condemned for that action.

The victim, Ken Tsang Kin-chiu from the liberal democratic Civic Party, had to go to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries, and has since sought legal action against the police.

The police suspended the seven officers from duty the next day but refused to divulge their identities.

However, at least one cop, Chief Inspector Wong Cho-shing, was spotted and identified by eye witnesses at the scene.

Recently, Apple Daily managed to get their hands on a police internal memo with the names of seven police officers who have been removed from duty with effect from Oct. 16. Chief Inspector Wong is the first name listed.


Here are the names and details of the policemen:

1) Chief Inspector Wong Cho-shing (45180), Organized Crime and Triad Bureau

2) Senior Inspector Lau Cheuk-ngai (10787), Guangdong Anti-Triad Team Leader

3) Sergeant Pak Wing-bin (53158), Guangdong Anti-Triad Team

4) Constable Lau Hing-pui (1879), Guangdong Anti-Triad Team

5) Constable Chan Siu-tan (8215), Kowloon East Police Headquarters

6) Constable Kwan Ka-ho (9008), Kowloon City District

7) Constable Wong Wai-ho (58545), Guangdong Anti-Triad Team