Los Angeles Bans RV Encampments on Some Streets Amid Rising Crime, Dumping

By Micaela Ricaforte
Micaela Ricaforte
Micaela Ricaforte
March 21, 2022 Updated: March 22, 2022

LOS ANGELES—Several Los Angeles city councilors moved to ban recreational vehicles (RVs) from 24-hour parking on certain streets amid resident complaints that RV encampments have become hot spots for crime.

On March 11, the LA City Council unanimously approved four resolutions to ban RVs over six feet tall from parking along certain streets in Districts 7, 12, and 15 between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

“There is an increased problem with oversized vehicles parking along several street segments where large vehicles are often parked overnight and constrict travel lanes, thereby creating dangerous situations,” District 15 representative Joe Buscaino said in his motion, first introduced on Jan. 7.

The newly banned streets in District 7 include San Fernando Road and Haddon Avenue near the UCLA Medical Center, and Bledsoe Street and Foothill Boulevard near Sylmar Recreation Center and Park.

Another resolution bans overnight RV parking along both sides of San Fernando Mission Road in District 12, while in District 15, RV parking is now prohibited along a segment of West 9th Street by Hancock Park in San Pedro.

Currently, there is a moratorium on parking enforcement for RVs under the city’s COVID-19 state of emergency declaration, although the policies contingent upon the emergency declaration are currently being reviewed by city administrators.

Consequently, councilors must instead use a state vehicle code and a city municipal code to introduce resolutions to ban RV parking along specific streets within their own districts.

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez introduced the two resolutions for her District 7 in December 2021, while Councilmen Joe Buscaino of District 15 and John Lee of District 12 introduced the other two motions in early January.

Epoch Times Photo
Unhoused individuals live out of cars and RVs in Los Angeles, Calif., on Jan. 20, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

It comes as Angelenos have been complaining that RV encampments bring more crime and illegal dumping in the surrounding area.

Playa Del Rey resident Lucy Han told The Epoch Times that the 60 RVs parked in her neighborhood have led to an increase in crime, drug use, sex trafficking, and meth labs.

“It’s not safe for the public, and it’s not safe for the unhoused,” Han said.

Han called on the council to end the moratorium on RV parking enforcement and to find appropriate parking spaces for people living in their cars and RVs.

In January, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors moved to break up RV encampments that have become hot spots for crime.

Epoch Times Photo
A man smokes a cigarette in a homeless RV encampment in Venice Beach, Calif., on Nov. 10, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

“The amount of crime that has increased around RV encampments is unprecedented,” Supervisor Holly Mitchell said during a Jan. 11 board meeting. “The sheriff’s department reported a 68 percent increase in calls near stations regarding crime within and around RV encampments. This is really an entirely new crisis that we need to address with absolute urgency for the health and safety of all of our residents.”

Mitchell also recommended updating data on locations where crime has increased around RV encampments; the last county report on RV encampments was completed in 2018, she said.

The Board of Supervisors’ report is expected to return on April 11.