Kim Kardashian Strongly Defends Kanye West’s Support of Trump

April 26, 2018 Updated: April 27, 2018

Celebrity queen Kim Kardashian West defended her husband, Kanye West, in a series of tweets Wednesday after left-wing media pounced on Kanye’s support of President Donald Trump.

“To the media trying to demonize my husband let me just say this,” Kardashian West wrote on Twitter. “Your commentary on Kanye being erratic & his tweets being disturbing is actually scary. So quick to label him as having mental health issues for just being himself when he has always been expressive is not fair.”

Various media outlets published reports questioning Kanye West’s mental health and cast him as an “alt-right darling” after the rapper expressed his love of Trump on Twitter.

“Yesterday it was announced that Kanye had parted ways with some business people and media outlets made this about Kanye’s mental health,” Kardashian West wrote. “Rather than just a simple business decision. So I’m glad he tweeted about the state of his company and all of the exciting things happening.”

Kanye West supported Trump during the 2016 presidential race. The pair met in Trump Tower in New York City after Trump won the election.

Epoch Times Photo
President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye West stand together in the lobby at Trump Tower in New York City on Dec. 13, 2016. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America? Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card?” Kardashian West wrote. “That’s just not fair. He’s actually out of the sunken place when he’s being himself which is very expressive.”

Hours after Kanye West’s tweets of support, Trump responded to thank the rapper.

“Now when he spoke out about Trump… Most people (including myself) have very different feelings & opinions about this. But this is HIS opinion. I believe in people being able to have their own opinions, even if really different from mine,” Kardashian West wrote. “He never said he agrees with his politics.”

Kanye West’s tweets sent shockwaves throughout the media and entertainment industry.

“Kanye will never run in the race of popular opinion and we know that and that’s why I love him and respect him and in a few years when someone else says the same exact thing but they aren’t labeled the way he is and you will all praise them!” Kardashian West wrote. “Kanye is years ahead of his time.”

In addition to supporting Trump, Kanye West criticized former President Barack Obama.

“Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed,” Kanye West wrote.

Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native, joined the wave of celebrities breaking from the liberal hold on the entertainment industry on Wednesday with a tweet: “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”


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