Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida Filming Makeup Scene on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida were reportedly filming an apology scene for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Photos from the set show the pair in front of the Bar One restaurant recently.

The photos, from the blog StraightFromtheA, were accompanied by video as well.

The blog notes that Moore and Nida were encouraged by producers to have a conversation about “text gate” and Moore went with it.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Phaedra tell Kenya in Mexico that she thought it was disrespectful for Kenya to be having a conversation with her husband outside of her presence? Yeah… Apollo has a hand in the situation as well, but Kenya is even more disrespectful in my opinion for continuing to press the issue,” the blog said.

“In the enhanced audio of the video, it’s hard to hear Apollo but you can clearly hear Moore stating: ‘When you said ‘I don’t think much of you blah blah blah, it made me think, well then ‘stop texting me’! You can also hear Kenya say… ‘I never lie, I never said ‘Apollo’s texting me… I never said ‘Apollo’s sexting me’, I never said any of those things.'”

Kenya took to Twitter after the taping saying: “I will be vindicated and the truth about everyone will be revealed.

Nida recently spoke about having to go to prison for eight years for fraud.

Nida also complained that his wife, Phaedra Parks, didn’t show up for his sentencing about a month ago. “I mean, my wife didn’t even [expletive] show up for my sentencing, so I’m still kind of salty about that,” he said on a radio show, reported People magazine.

He said that a prison sentence and a potential divorce with his wife would cause problems for his children.

“I love my kids,” Nida was quoted by People as saying. “Coming from a non-father, non-mother background, I think at the end of the day, I feel sad and disappointed that I let my little man down.”

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