Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumors Confirmed by Palace? Nope, But There’s Still Speculation as Some Blogs Use Misleading Headlines

Rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant or recently had a miscarriage have not been confirmed, despite some blogs posting stories to the effect recently.

The rumors started several months ago but hit a fever pitch recently, when the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in public but was holding a purse in front of her stomach in, it seems, every picture taken of her.

That fueled the rumors that had increased because of two reports–one from GLOBE magazine that claimed Kate suffered a miscarriage and another from Australia’s New Day, which quoted Kate’s former friend Jessica Hay as confirming Kate’s pregnancy.

But the GLOBE magazine piece has not been confirmed and a spokesperson with the Palace told ET Canada that Hay and Middleton haven’t spoken for many years and that Middleton “is not in contact with [Hay] at all.”

Some blogs have been taking these reports and others and fashioning them into articles that at first glance seem to say that Middleton is definitely pregnant.

At least one claimed that “Princess Kate Middleton Pregnant Miscarriage Confirmed.”

However, neither a pregnancy nor a miscarriage has been confirmed by the Palace.

If the Duchess is actually pregnant, then the Palace will confirm it at some point.

At this point, all that is certain is that the Duchess and Prince William want to get pregnant with another child soon, a sentiment she has expressed in public recently.

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