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Kash’s Corner: James Baker and Perkins Coie, Russiagate Architects, Are Back as the Twitter Files Saga Unfolds

Earlier this week, Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter deputy general counsel and former FBI general counsel James Baker had been “exited” from the company. He’d reportedly been “vetting” the first batch of internal Twitter files before their release to independent journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.

While he was at the FBI, Baker played a key role in the Russia collusion probe, including the FISA warrant to surveil then-Trump 2016 presidential campaign aide Carter Page.

“James Baker was the one running blocking-and-tackle campaigns at the FBI to prevent the disclosure of documents we lawfully subpoenaed from Congress … Fast forward … he was running the same operation that he ran as FBI General Counsel inside of Twitter HQ,” says Kash Patel.

It has also now been revealed that the FBI had regular meetings with Twitter (and other tech giants) in the lead-up to the 2020 elections. Were these authorized directly by then-Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI director Christopher Wray?

“I want to know every contract the FBI has with Twitter,” says Patel. “I believe that they do have working-level engagement agreements with Twitter. And those need to be made public. Are taxpayer dollars funding part of this censorship scheme?”

Musk should release all the Twitter censorship files without redactions, Patel says, and he should also fire Perkins Coie, which was still representing Twitter as late as Dec. 6, according to court documents.


Kash Patel:

Hey everybody and welcome back to Kash’s Corner. Jan and I have done a lot of prep work, which means today’s episode might be the best yet. What are we going to talk about, Jan?

Jan Jekielek:

It seems to me, well, I guess it seems to both of us, that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has much greater ramifications than just Twitter. And this is coming out in spades. Most recently, you were out on Truth Social, not on Twitter, calling to see someone named James Baker basically removed from his position as counsel for Twitter.

Mr. Patel:

Look, we have to rewind the clock here. Of course, I always tell people whenever we talk about Truth Social, I’m on the board of Directors of Truth Social. So, while I have a fiduciary duty to Truth Social, I also agree with President Donald Trump who owns Truth Social. He’s not cheering against Twitter. He’s repeatedly said he hopes Elon Musk does what he said he’s going to do, which is restore it to being an actual free speech platform that’s censorship-free from political bias. So, I’m all in on that mission.

With James Baker, and not just on Truth Social, I’ve been forever saying that this guy is one of the biggest criminal conspirators that the government has ever seen. Our audience might not know this, but James Baker was the number one lawyer at the FBI when James Comey and the corrupt cabal; Andy McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and Priestap and company launched the Russiagate hoax.

What does that mean? As a former federal prosecutor who worked with tons of lawyers at the FBI, working on terrorism and criminal cases, it means that the top lawyer at the FBI is the one who signs off on the FISA warrant that goes to the director and the attorney general. At the time, James Baker signed off on the bogus fraudulent FISA warrants against then candidate Trump’s campaign assistant Carter Page, and allowed a lie to be taken to a court and evidence to be withheld.

Why does that all fall to his feet? Some people might say, “That’s too harsh. No, that’s your job. You’re the general counsel. You speak for the director of the FBI and report to the DOJ. If there’s something wrong in that FISA, it’s up to you as the head lawyer to figure it out.”

And what do we learn? Not just the corrupt activities of lying to the court, suppressing evidence, favoring one political party over another, and making decisions based on that, but his underlings actually redacted and altered documents that were presented to the court. Also, his responsibility to know. One of them was convicted by John Durham, Kevin Clinesmith.

My problems with James Baker started when I was running the Russiagate investigation for then Chairman Nunes on House Intel. I said, “This is not what an ethical lawyer should be doing. He’s definitely not following the law, and he’s one of the most powerful attorneys in government.” And so, we kept at it. I’m giving you a quick summary here. Eventually, Baker was dismissed at the FBI, and that didn’t happen until Chris Wray came along.

James Comey was dismissed, and Chris Wray came in. We went to Chris Wray and said, “You need to remove James Baker for all these reasons.” And Chris Wray refused to do it. We had to make the only thing that can overcome that sort of level of, what I call, dishonesty—a public outcry. We had to educate the public that these actions were so improper that he had to be removed from such a position of government, any position of government, because you’re serving the American people, and he was violating his oath of office.

James Baker was the general counsel at the FBI when we began issuing Congressional subpoenas for documents from the FBI and DOJ on this FISA application that we found to be faulty. In fact, the DOJ would say years later, “That FISA application was declared invalid,” which almost never happens, based on our investigations. James Baker was the one running block and tackle campaigns at the FBI to prevent the disclosure of documents we lawfully subpoenaed at Congress.

Why is that important? Fast forward to four years later, five years later, whatever it is, and James Baker, as I called it, was the guy screening documents at Twitter based on his political beliefs and orientation system, unbeknownst to the head shed of Twitter. He was running the same operation that he ran as FBI General Counsel inside of Twitter HQ. 

We’ll get to that, and that’s ultimately what led to his dismissal. But I just wanted to give our audience a quick history on who James Baker is and his involvement in Russiagate. Now, we’ll continue to tie the pieces together to Sussmann, and to Perkins Coie. We got so much to talk about.

Mr. Jekielek:

There is a lot to talk about, but again, let’s educate. Maybe not everybody knows yet when they’re seeing this episode that Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss were basically given the Twitter files and they’re releasing parts of them. You’re also calling for the full release of them, and I want to talk about that. That’s very interesting, too.

Basically, they’ve got these files they’re looking at. There’s some kind of delay and Matt Taibbi tweets that Bari Weiss notices that there’s someone named Jim looking at this. Then, their jaws hit the floor when it turns out it’s Jim Baker who apparently has been slowing the release somehow, or screening the files. It’s unclear what happened exactly, but that leads to his exit.

Mr. Patel:

Yes, it does.

Mr. Jekielek:

To being exited.

Mr. Patel:

To be exited, as Elon put it. Yes, look, I’ll get to that. But, I have called for something since day one, since Elon closed his deal around October 28th of this year to buy Twitter. He came out and said he was going to provide full disclosure, for lack of a better word. I said, “Okay, don’t do what the government does, provide every document. Don’t give me Adam Schiff’s redacted version of history.”

Put everything out there. You’re a private company, you’re not the government. You don’t have any classified information. Put it all out there for the media, for investigators, for journalists, for everyday citizens, and for John Q voter to see and digest for themselves.” And he said to the public he was going to do that.

When I put out a truth on it or I speak about it in the media, and especially on this show, yes, it’s a challenge for Elon Musk to be firing James Baker in a one yard rush. He’s got 99 more yards to go to get to the end zone of transparency. And that can only happen if he releases everything. So, I don’t know that I agree with the process that he’s undertaken, and then, for people to then come out and say, “Oh, my God, I didn’t know James Baker was involved.”

You mean you didn’t know? The number two lawyer at Twitter was canned from the federal government for basically committing a crime and a conspiracy at the FBI. Then, he had a golden parachute landing at Twitter and was acting in concert with Vijaya Gadde, and that other guy, Roth, to censor political beliefs on a free speech platform. You guys didn’t know that?

You didn’t know that his pal Michael Sussmann was the guy indicted by John Durham? Remember it’s the same Michael Sussmann that went to James Baker as the FBI’s general counsel and said, “Hey, I, who represent the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, have this story on Russiagate.” The guys that came up with the Steele dossier also came up with the Alpha Bank narrative, which we’ve talked about in depth previously, which was totally bogus. That led to tech executive Rodney Jaffe being hired, and the infiltration of the White House servers during a presidential campaign.

That was all received by the one and only James Baker when he was at the FBI. And then, when he got fired and he got onto Twitter, do you know who congratulated him for his wonderful landing at Twitter? Michael Sussmann of Perkins Coie. We’ll get to Perkins Coie in a minute. The fact that people are out there acting all surprised, like they did when I ran Russiagate, that the FBI had anything to do with this nefarious activity, I think is total BS.

If you didn’t understand it then, and you are a journalist who’s been following us for years, that’s because you refused to acknowledge the truth because of your own internal bias, because you didn’t like Trump or you didn’t like whatever narrative was being advanced. There was one thing that I went to Devin with when I started that investigation, and most people don’t know this. 

I didn’t know Trump, we hadn’t met.  I didn’t know Devin Nunes, I didn’t even know who he was. Maybe that’s embarrassing for me to say, but it’s okay, now we’re friends. But I said, “You want me to run your investigation? Fine. Whatever we find, whether he’s a Russian asset or not, whatever we find, we put it out there.” And Devin Nunes adhered to his word. 

That’s what I’m asking of Elon Musk, “Whatever you have in your holdings, you are the master of the domain at Twitter. You own it, put it out, and then tell the world.” Hey, I get it. If you don’t want to put out a million pages of documents at once, put out 10,000 a week and just tell them this is how we’re going to do it.

“Everything’s coming out. We don’t want to inundate everybody. We’re just going to put it all out there.” That would be great. But, for any journalist to say, “We didn’t know the FBI was here working with James Baker.” That is almost as absurd, if not more absurd, than what we were just talking about.

Mr. Jekielek:

So many threads here, but let’s just mention this. I really love this idea and I was talking with our mutual friend Lee Smith about this a little bit earlier. I really love the idea of letting all the documents out. The reason is, the U.S. and the world has had so much support in figuring out what actually happened in Russiagate, and other areas like COVID origins, from what’s affectionately called the little corner of Twitter.

This is very interesting. It’s basically a group of really intrepid people that are not professionals. They are amateur sleuths with a really brilliant grasp of information that most journalists didn’t have. These are people that I often go to try to put information together. These people are ready and waiting.

This is also what Elon wants. I think Elon was saying, “I want all of Twitter to be the source of information for the world, for people.” Well, this is the opportunity. These folks are ready to rock and they will put things together that will blow all of our minds. I can promise that.

Mr. Patel:

When I was running Russiagate and we lawfully obtained documents and lawfully released them, these online sleuths, whether it was Twitter or journalists who were actually doing the investigations like Lee Smith and The Epoch Times, who I didn’t have a relationship then, taught me and Devin Nunes a great deal of information we couldn’t put together. We just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it—connecting the dots between not just the money line from the DNC and Perkins Coie, but to the personal relationships with James Baker, the FBI, Twitter, and others.

If Elon is serious about this, then that’s the approach I believe he has to take. Matt Taibbi has done some wonderful reporting in the past on Russiagate, but this is a monster that two people can’t handle. You are talking about years of communications with the largest media company on planet earth.

And yes, Twitter is a media company, at the end of the day. That’s what it is in my opinion. If you want all of this information out, which by the way, I found it interesting that Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, just today put out a statement saying he wants everything out. He wants everything out from Elon.

I find that ironic, and maybe somewhat a bit of karmic justice that the guy who ran Twitter, who said he didn’t know James Baker was involved with Vijaya Gadde in censoring all this information with that guy Roth. Okay, I’ll give you a hall pass on that, maybe you didn’t know. You were running this company and you had people in senior leadership positions who were breaking the first amendment to pieces, and it happened on your watch.

Jack Dorsey has a self-interest. He wants it all out there because there’s probably communications that say, “Oh, we didn’t tell Jack this or we didn’t tell Jack this.” I think it’s selfish, but if it puts pressure on Elon to get it all out there, great. I’m all for that. It’s ironic that, at this point in time, the guy that created the mess is now asking for the release of the hot docs that show the corruption inside Twitter.

Mr. Jekielek:

My view is that it can only help to get these things out there.

Mr. Patel:

I’m all for whatever gets it out there. And I’ll take the heat. People are saying, “Why are you taking on Elon? Why are you taking on these journalists?” I’m challenging them to do what they said, that’s our job to do that. If you’re just going to spike the football because one guy got fired, again, you’re missing the entire purpose. When 17 officials got fired during Russiagate because of the investigation from Devin and I, that was step one. Then came all the documents.

To circle back to your point about the sleuths, then we put out the text messages between the lovers, then we put out the FISAs, then we put out the 302’s about Bruce Ohr, then we put out all of the information about the banking between Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele. Then, these people in the ether, the sphere, went to work and connected the dots and found the Rodney Jaffe’s of the world, and they found the Charles Dolan’s of the world, and they found the Danchenko’s of the world. We couldn’t do it all. 

These two journalists working, as good as they are, can’t do it all. So, the message is pretty clear from me here, release it all. I stand by my statement that I put on Truth Social that until you release it all, you, Elon Musk, are running the biggest coverup operation of disinformation in modern U.S. history. 

Because if you selectively choose what goes out there, or you delegate to someone else to selectively choose what goes out to the American public, then you are doing what James Baker and James Comey did at the FBI when they selectively chose what went in a fraudulent FISA application to illegally surveil a political opponent.

Mr. Jekielek:

One of the things we just looked into prior to doing this show, is to see that Perkins Coie has acted as outside counsel, Perkins Coie, that you referenced earlier. I’m going to get you to tell me why Perkins Coie is important in Russiagate. It turns out that even as late as December 6th, Perkins Coie was still acting in some capacity, and there’s at least one filing that tells us this, as an outside counsel to Twitter.

Mr. Patel:

As a former federal prosecutor and public defender, I have an idea of how the judicial process works. We know Perkins Coie was one of the biggest corrupt actors during the Russiagate scandal. The top two figures there were Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, who would later get indicted by John Durham. These two individuals were the ones responsible for funneling in tens of millions of dollars from the campaign, and I believe using it illegally to hire the likes of Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to run not only a disinformation operation against Donald Trump, but also to try to take him out from becoming the president.

And then when he became president, they tried to get him impeached by calling him a Russian agent, on track one with the Steele dossier, and on track two, by calling him Putin’s asset with the Alpha Bank server fabrication, which we know was a total fabrication.

It’s no coincidence, and I keep saying this, there aren’t any coincidences in government. It’s not a coincidence that Sussmann and Perkins Coie went to James Baker at the FBI to start this fraud. It’s no coincidence that Baker ends up at Twitter as the Deputy General Counsel. There’s no coincidence that Michael Sussmann, while he’s at Perkins Coie, congratulates James Baker on his wonderful landing at Twitter.

Now, you have this outside law firm, who by the way, just remember what we also learned thanks to our outside sleuths. Perkins Coie, for the first time in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that I can ever recall, actually had FBI agents securely sitting in their own office space. That’s right.

FBI agents with guns and badges were sitting in Perkins Coie’s law firm’s office space on secure computers working in tandem with Perkins Coie. Chris Wray still has to answer what on God’s green earth they were doing at a law firm that had helped perpetrate the FBI’s largest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history. That question remains outstanding. That’s Perkins Coie.

Now, we’re to believe that James Baker, who has an intimate relationship with these guys, gets airdropped into Twitter and is censoring. As we know, he is making the calls, the balls and strikes decision on Hunter Biden’s laptop, as just as one example, with Vijaya Gadde and Roth. This guy isn’t talking to his pals at Perkins Coie. He’s not talking to his cronies at the FBI, who at that time, Strzok and Priestap and Page were still employed by the FBI. They didn’t get terminated for a while. He’s not talking to his friends. 

My problem with this is then Perkins Coie becomes Twitter’s outside counsel. What does that mean? Just try to envision a more corrupt, conflict-oriented process. The guy that orchestrated Russiagate at the FBI with James Comey is now one of the lead lawyers at Twitter. The guy from Perkins Coie, Michael Sussmann, who orchestrated the Russiagate scandal from the outside and was paid for it from the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, has found a way to get Twitter to hire them to represent Twitter in federal court pleadings where Twitter is a plaintiff or defendant, either they’re suing or being sued.

We did the digging. We knew that Perkins Coie was representing Twitter, get this, on search warrants that the FBI had sent to Twitter to James Baker when Tara Reade initially made her allegations of sexual misconduct against then candidate Joe Biden. The next week, the DOJ sends Twitter search warrants demanding Tara Reade’s personal information and the full scope.

Perkins Coie is representing Twitter in court, and James Baker is the guy at Twitter calling the legal balls and strikes. Tell me that’s not a conflict of interest. Tell me that these people are the ones that are going to provide us transparency. This is the Perkins Coie that we’re talking about today, and thanks to your great detective work at The Epoch Times, we have confirmed through legal pleadings that Perkins Coie is still stamped as outside counsel on numerous matters as recently as this month for Twitter. So, Elon, when are you going to get rid of Perkins Coie?

Mr. Jekielek:

There’s also the issue of Twitter having these weekly meetings with the FBI.

Mr. Patel:

That is one of the most concerning things that we’ve learned. In the lead up to the 2020 election, under the leadership of Bill Barr and Chris Wray at DOJ and FBI respectively, there were weekly meetings between FBI agents and lawyers, and the Twitter head shed, that is, Twitter lawyers and other employees who were responsible for all this improper, unlawful censorship. Just take a pause on that. People might be like, “So what? What’s the big deal?”

The only way that the FBI and DOJ would permit that sort of private level engagement is if Attorney General Bill Barr and Chris Wray authorized it directly, because it dealt with a presidential election. What they were meeting about were things such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, weeks before the election. They were telling them, at least through public reporting, that this is material that is Russian disinformation and should be censored from your platform.

Don’t take my word for it. FBI Agent Chan, who is recently deposed in Eric Schmitt’s AG lawsuit in the state of Missouri against Twitter for censorship, testified that he engaged in these weekly meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to figure out what should and should not be censored. As if the FBI has any business, or lawful authority, to tell a private industry, the media, what they can and cannot put on their platforms and more importantly, what users can and can’t talk about.

And if they do say Hunter Biden’s laptop is legit, then we’re going to ban you. This is the ultimate government interference and trampling of freedom of speech, while also rigging an election. Why did Bill Barr and Chris Wray authorize this? Why did the Attorney General of the United States and the director of the FBI permit our law enforcement agency to commit this fraud?

It’s similar to the cast of characters that perpetrated Russiagate. And so Congress, especially the House Republican majority coming in January, needs to haul Bill Barr and Chris Wray up to Capitol Hill and put them under oath to testify and ask them these questions. If Elon Musk is not willing to divulge all of the documents, then subpoenas have to go out on the 1st of January from the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committee demanding all FBI communications with Twitter. 

Because people are saying, “Oh, man, what if James Baker deleted stuff at Twitter because it’s a private company.” Do you know where they never get deleted, because these government gangsters are so arrogant? The FBI. It’s how we caught them during Russiagate, and it’s how we caught them during Hunter Biden’s laptop expose. And it’s how we’re going to catch them here.

And there should be FOIA requests going out from any journalist with any integrity who wants to get to the truth on this matter. We now know the power of congressional subpoenas, after this last two year run from the January 6th committee’s use of subpoena power. So, we can go at it from two directions. Elon Musk can actually be the free speech hero that he says he is by releasing it before everybody else.

This was a question that was posed to me when I was doing a recent media interview. They asked, “How do you know this stuff exists? How do you know James Baker is involved?” I said, “This is the guy that ran the Russiagate operation and screened and blocked us from reviewing the necessary documents. Before James Baker was fired, I said on Truth Social and TV that James Baker was screening the documents.”

It turned out to be true, because that’s his practice. That’s what he did in government. Are you going to tell me that James Baker wasn’t talking or communicating with anyone in the FBI? We already know that they had weekly meetings under the auspices of Bill Barr and Chris Wray. Where are those emails? And whenever the FBI has a meeting with an outside group, or an inside group, there’s a 302, an FBI form interview that summarizes who was there, what was said, what evidence was turned over, what information was exchanged and what agreements were made.

That’s the other thing. I want to know every contract the FBI has with Twitter. I believe that they do have working level engagement agreements with Twitter and those need to be made public. Are taxpayer dollars funding part of this censorship scheme? Are agents working inside Twitter like they were and are working inside Perkins Coie?

These are legitimate questions, because we’ve proven the illegitimacy of the FBI and its actions in recent history, whether it’s Russiagate or Hunter Biden’s laptop. So, there’s a long, long way to go when it comes to full transparency. These weekly meetings that they had, they weren’t just talking about generalities, they weren’t just saying, “Oh, censor stuff that’s bad for America.”

And yes, there is a whole other side of that. Why did that laptop not get exploited, as we say in investigative terms, by Attorney General Bill Barr and Chris Wray? Why was it sat on for a year-and-a-half? Why did the agents who were talking about it to Twitter as if it was Godspell, that it was Russian disinformation, why didn’t they just turn it on? Why didn’t they just look at the empirical data that you and I know exists on the laptop? Now, it’s been publicly reported what’s on there. We don’t have to get into it.

They could have done that. This is the same FBI that, on purpose, knows what questions not to ask and what investigative steps not to take, because they don’t want the answers. They did it with Russiagate, and they did it during Hunter Biden’s laptop. When they’re asking things to be censored, they’re going to come back and say, “Oh, we didn’t know during those meetings that this information was actually true.”

You could have, if you just did the job you were trained to do. But instead you politicized law enforcement and you hijacked a private media company to do your dirty work in the public sphere so that you could rig a presidential election. Who knows what else they did. These are just the things we now publicly know about. So, if Elon won’t release it, then Congress has to go get it and they have to start lining it up now. 

We have to start filing FOIAs immediately for that information. Because here’s the thing about all of that information, Jan. As I said earlier, none of it is classified. None of these people at Twitter have security clearances. They’re not talking about classified meetings when they’re going in there and saying, “We need to censor this, that, and the other thing.” So, that is totally bogus. And then, Adam Schiff’s clown play of redactions doesn’t apply here either. 

We already know the crooks at Twitter. I saw something else that was pretty ironic. A senior Twitter employee that was fired by Elon Musk recently came out and said, “It’s improper for him to put our names in the public sphere.” You put your name in the public sphere when you improperly censored material and information to the American public, you got caught doing it. So, your name belongs in the public sphere.

I’m not calling for any sort of harm to them physically or any sort of attacks or threats like that. But when you’re at that level, both in government and in the private sector, then yes, when you do something wrong, you get called out for it. I just think, like Jack Dorsey calling for full disclosure, this guy’s standing up now and saying, “Oh, my God, you can’t do this.”

Just think of Twitter, and this is how I can best encapsulate it. Just think if Twitter had hired Donald Trump’s former General Counsel and then asked the FBI to meet with him and say, “Let’s make sure we put out Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and call it legitimate and blast it to the world. But, let’s also hide everything that shows Donald Trump might be a Russian asset.” Don’t you think the media would have gone absolutely apoplectic? And rightfully so.

It’s this whole shoe on the other foot thing. If you just changed the positions of the people and their party affiliations, it couldn’t become more crystal clear as to the corruption of Twitter, James Baker, Perkins Coie, the FBI, Bill Barr, Chris Wray, and so many others. There needs to be government accountability. That’s not going to come in the form of this DOJ, I don’t believe.

But, Congress can provide accountability in terms of getting people to either get fired or resigned or quit because of their improper actions. All of this Agent Chan stuff didn’t happen with one or two or three guys, you and I know this. There’s busloads of people at the FBI and DOJ who were working on this, who authorized it, and who memorialized it. We are just finding out what it is and who it is, or we may never find out if Elon doesn’t disclose it all.

Mr. Jekielek:

This is a great tee up for Elon because I don’t think he can even be aware of the incredible energy and thoughtfulness and intelligence investigative ability that he will unleash by letting all these documents out. Because actually, Twitter is ready to rock and release these things beyond The Epoch Times, and beyond some of the few other media that have been covering this in depth. So, I’m very excited to see it myself.

Mr. Patel:

That’s a good point. We should also send him The Epoch Times Russiagate flow chart, the best one ever created in history. Elon, we got one coming for you. Just let us know where to send it. But, you’re right. The other thing that we have to cover is that the mainstream media over the weekend spent seven, I’m not kidding, seven seconds covering this. The Sunday shows, seven seconds, most of them didn’t talk about it all, just mentioned it in passing.

Why? Elon Musk is now the enemy of the Democratic party and free speech. They will castigate him and try to punish him somehow, because he’s no longer allowing a platform to spew out lies and do government’s political bidding. That’s a course correction that can only happen with a much larger lift to the American populace. The only way they do that is to challenge America.

As these documents come out, as we have these conversations, you, America, have to go and learn about it. Because most of you, America, thought Donald Trump was a Russian asset. Most of you think James Baker’s a good guy and Perkins Coie has nothing to do with any of this. And the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign aren’t related somehow. They didn’t, again, envelop themselves within the FBI and launched this disinformation campaign on Hunter Biden’s laptop and censor other politically based activities and speech. 

There’s work to do on all sides. We’re going to keep hammering on it, but I do feel that the window isn’t as big as people think. We’re going to get to next year very soon. We’re going to be in 2023, and people will be talking about elections again. People have been talking about the debt and national security and education, and rightfully so. The shelf life for these topics is always short-lived, right, Jan? That’s why I think Elon has to work fast and hard, maybe over the holiday season to get this stuff out.

Mr. Jekielek:

So far, so good. Let’s see what happens. It’s time for our shout out.

Mr. Patel:

This week’s shout out is in memory of Pearl Harbor, which happened on December 7th, 1941. Today we are filming on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Our shout out is more of a honorarium to the military and the families and those who served in World War II and continue to serve. We appreciate everything you do for this country, and we know that we wouldn’t have our freedoms without you. Thank you for your service. We will see you all next week on Kash’s Corner.

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