Journalist Asks Trump How He Would Get Mexico to Pay for Border Wall. Here’s How Trump Responded

March 11, 2016 Updated: March 11, 2016

Donald Trump was pressed this week over how he’d get Mexico to pay for an expanded border wall.

The presidential candidate has said multiple times he wants to expand the wall for more coverage on America’s southern border, but he would get Mexico to pay for it. 

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox is among those who have ridiculed the plan. Fox said earlier this year that Trump should pay for it.

Asked by MSNBC’s Bob Woodward this week how he’d force Mexico to pay for the wall, Trump quickly responded. 

“Would you be willing to go to war to make sure we get the money to pay for this wall?” Woodward asked. 

“Trust me, Bob, when I rejuvenate our military, Mexico’s not going to be playing with us with war, that I can tell you. Mexico isn’t playing with us with war,” Trump responded.

But current Mexican President Pena Nieto has also blasted Trump, indicating he wouldn’t pay for the wall. 

“That’s the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived,” Peña Nieto said. Trump’s comments, he told El Universal, have “hurt the relationship we have sought with the United States.”