Jason Molina Dies at 39

March 19, 2013 Updated: April 3, 2013

Jason Molina, who started the band Magnolia Electric Co. in 2003 and played for Songs: Ohia before that, died in his Indianapolis home at the age of 39 on Saturday.

His record label, Indiana-based Secretly Canadian, posted a statement on its website recognizing Molina as its “cornerstone.” Molina died of natural causes says the statement. The Marion County coroner had not determined the cause of death as of Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Molina battled alcoholism and stopped touring in 2009, although he continued to make music.

He spent time in treatment facilities, and also on a farm in Indiana raising chickens and goats, according to statements on Magnolia Electric Co.’s website.

He posted a statement to his fans in May 2012 on the website: “Treatment is good, getting to deal with a lot of things that even the music didn’t want to. I have not given up because you, my friends have not given up on me. I do still need your support however that takes shape, good vibes are worth more than you might think.”

Fans wrote on the band’s Facebook page expressing their sorrow at Molina’s passing.

“So sad… your music is sublime,” wrote one fan.

“May your music live on and change people’s lives like your music has mine. Thank you,” wrote another.

A couple of others who had chanced an encounter with Molina while he was on tour commented on his humbleness.

One fan wrote: “Something about his soft presence, his words, his music and way of being … rang true to me. Even in meeting him there was a humbling kindness and a sweetness.”

Molina grew up in Lorain, Ohio. He released 12 albums under the name Songs: Ohia starting in 1996. He founded Magnolia Electric Co. in 2003 and played with the band until 2009; his music since then has been solo. Molina’s music has been described as folk, indie, or alternative.