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Japan’s Former PM Mourned; NASA Debuts Images From Powerful Infrared James Webb Space Telescope | NTD Good Morning

Japan’s former prime minister was laid to rest on Tuesday. We spoke to an expert about the legacy he left behind.

NASA debuts images from its most powerful infrared telescope.  We take a look at the deepest, and sharpest glimpse of the distant universe we’ve seen yet.

Shootings in California Monday left two people dead and three wounded. The shootings took place at four 7-Eleven stores.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Japan’s Former Prime Minister Mourned
2. Shinzo Abe’s Legacy
3. NASA Telescope Reveals Galaxies Far, Far Away
4. Multiple Victims in California 7-Eleven Shootings
5. Yosemite Wildfire Threatens Sequoia Trees
6. Texans Fear Blackouts as Electricity Demand Stresses Power Grid
7. Elon Musk Responds to Twitter’s Legal Preparations With a Meme
8. Upcoming Musk-Twitter Legal Battle
9. Uber Under Pressure Over Suspect Practices
10. Russian Pipeline Maintenance Raises European Energy Supply Concerns
11. Euro Hits 20-year Low, Almost Equal to U.S. Dollar
12. Rare Giant Fish Reappears in Japan’s Waters
13. California Beachgoers Flee as Sea Lions Chase Each Other
14. Running of the Bulls, One Gored in 6th San Fermin Bull Run

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