Jana and John David Duggar Celebrate 25th Birthday; Twins Still Single (+Photos)

January 13, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jana and John David Duggar have just turned 25 years old.

The twins are two of the oldest children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, whose family has become famous thanks to their 1 Kids and Counting reality show.

Jana is the oldest daughter in the family while John David is the second-oldest son, behind Josh.

Interestingly, both Jana and John David are still single–despite their younger siblings Jill, 23. and Jessa, 22, getting married in 2014.

Josh, 26, has been married for a while and already has three children.

To celebrate their birthday, Jana and John David went to Cracker Barrel with their parents and Grandma Duggar, leaving all the little ones behind.

Since both twins still live at home, they’re still involved a lot with the large family. Jana in particular helps out a lot with babysitting and helping the younger children with things.

(Duggar Family)
(Duggar Family)


As the unofficial family blog notes, Jana is also a concert pianist, and she has been helping deliver babies as a midwife for years.

John, meanwhile, “has his pilot’s license, does construction work, and is a Washington County constable,” the blog said.

“Both have a heart for serving others and are involved in various ministries.”

The twins received birthday messages from, Jessa Seewald, Anna Duggar, and Josh Duggar via Instagram. 


Happy Birthday to Jana & John…you’ve lived a quarter of century! #19Kids #twins @duggarfam

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Happy 25th Birthday Jana & John!!!!! @duggarfam #19kids #25

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