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James Lindsay: Critical Race Theory Is a ‘Race Religion’ Trying to Bring Marxist Revolution [Part 2]

Communism is not just a theory. It’s a belief that was shaped from several dark theories rooted in Gnostic and Hermetic concepts that were popularized in the 1700s and 1800s. These ideas were taken and reformed by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and then used by Karl Marx to shape the modern ideas of communism. His ideas were later reformed under the Frankfurt School in the United States to create critical theory, which went on to form the various movements of race politics and gender politics. Behind all these beliefs, however, is a common goal to destroy and remake mankind and society; and to eliminate traditional cultures and beliefs. To learn more about this, we sat down for an interview with James Lindsay, author of the book, “Race Marxism: The Truth About Political Race Theory and Praxis,” and founder of New Discourses.

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