Israeli Designer Shiri Brant Combines Family Life with Fashion

By Diane Crow
Diane Crow
Diane Crow
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December 19, 2014Updated: April 23, 2016



As with most callings that start young, Shiri Brant knew from when she was a young girl she wanted to become a fashion designer. Having a positive relationship with her mother was key, from when she was a young girl she would spend time in her mother’s office, telling herself that she wanted to become a lawyer like her mother. It was mainly because of the beautiful office her mother worked in and when her love of clothes began she realized that she wouldn’t have to be a lawyer to work in a beautiful office. So instead of pursuing a career in law she decided to end up creating fashion designs.

Being the third youngest, two older sisters and a younger sister in a happy house full of feminine influences resulted in the pursuit of fashion design and at age twenty she received her acceptance letter to Shenkar College of Design, a preeminent school of fashion design, among the best in the world. It was at this time that her happy home life was marred by the death of her father, who succumbed to cancer. Despite the personal blow, she immediately began working on her fashion brand, which she christened “BRANT,” using her maiden name. The use of her maiden name is a way for her to ensure the continuity of her family name, an impossibility due to the fact that she has no brother. With only sisters she realized that her family name would end when she and her sisters married. This is also done to honor the memory of her deceased father.

Upon graduation she knew she wanted to see the BRANT brand grow and after consulting with her mother (who had after a handful of years become a judge) she decide to present her aesthetics to the world and decided with her mother’s help to market her designs to the world of professional women who often don’t have basic and at the same time stylishly designed shirts to wear under their suit jackets or judicial robes (in the case of her mother). So she thus integrated her loving family, her beloved father’s last name, and her passion for fashion design into one stylishly designed fashion line.

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