‘Is This Jail?’ Judge Quips After Woman Was Fined for Parking 2 Seconds Early

August 13, 2019 Updated: August 19, 2019

“No parking, 8 to 10,” Chief Judge Frank Caprio read somberly, as Sarah, the violator of her city’s parking restrictions, shuffled to the podium.

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Posted by Caught In Providence on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Anyone who’s ever been slapped with a parking ticket can testify that it is not only a nuisance but highly embarrassing. Often, we want to contest the ticket, feeling like it was entirely undeserved.

In Sarah’s case, she had a pretty strong piece of evidence working in her favor; the time stamped on her parking ticket. Recorded and shared on Caught In Providence, Sarah’s case has been viewed over 2.8 million times.

Illustration – Unsplash | Rob Martinez

Sarah, whose parking misdemeanor occurred in the very same city of Providence, Rhode Island, might have been facing a potential fine of hundreds of dollars, but rather than paying up, she wins the prize for most ridiculous parking ticket ever. Judge Caprio, while reading out Sarah’s violation, catches himself mid-sentence to reassess the details.

“Oh no,” he exclaims, an exasperated smile creeping onto his face. “The ticket was issued at 9:59… 9:59 and 58 seconds,” he adds, as Sarah’s face grows beet red and giggles erupt.

Illustration – Unsplash | Meriç Dağlı

“You can’t park there until ten o’clock!” the judge chastizes, teasing the good-natured driver. “You violated the city’s ordnances!” he continues, waving the huge book of leather-bound ordnances at his courtroom colleague, Inspector Quinn.

The room, catching on to the absurdness of Sarah’s accusation, starts to giggle too.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Syda Productions

“That 0.2 will get you every time, Judge,” the inspector retorts. Sarah, barely able to contain her embarrassment and her relief, hides behind her hand, laughing away. She had parked in a parking space two seconds before it was legal to do so. Boy, that vindictive parking inspector must have been having a slow day!

“Our parking enforcement officers are second to none in this country,” Judge Caprio exclaims, punching the air for comedic effect as Sarah loses what’s left of her composure.

As the judge asks her what she has to say for herself, Sarah responds: “My car clock said 10:oo!” It’s a pretty good defense, not that she needs one. “Oh, now you’re blaming the car clock,” the judge joins in. “Inspector Quinn, what does justice demand in this case? Is this jail?”

The inspector, thoroughly enjoying the ride, gets in on the comedy action. “Ten o’clock means ten o’clock,” he says with a straight face.

Illustration – Pixabay | succo

But of course, it’s matters dismissed for Sarah, who retreats to the stalls amid a wave of relief and a thoroughly excellent story to share at dinner parties for the rest of her life. A little light relief for the courtroom, too, who usually bear witness to far greater misdemeanors than Sarah’s!

Sarah’s courtroom comedy act got a lot of love on YouTube. “Best duo in late night television,” said one viewer. “I love a judge with a personality,” added another, while a Judge Caprio super fan suggested a series. “I wanna see a show with the Judge and Inspector Quinn,” they commented.

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We’d all watch that!

All’s well that ends well for Sarah of Providence and the silly ticket that cracked up a courtroom. Have you ever received a parking ticket that you thought was unjust? Share this hilarious clip with your friends and family and brighten someone’s day; you’ve got to laugh!