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Is Russia-Ukraine Conflict Being Used as a ‘Sleight of Hand’ Diversion? If So, From What?

In some ways, resistance against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions seemed to be peaking in February with events like the Canadian trucker protest, which looked like it was beginning to spread to other places. Then suddenly, restrictions and mandates seemed to relax almost across the board at around the same time Russia began invading Ukraine and all attention shifted to that.

Now, we see Obama getting more attention at a recent White House event than Biden, and even snubbing Biden—whose latest gaffe boldly called for Putin’s removal from the Russian presidency. Surely, these kinds of lapses by Biden are a concern for the Democratic Party and a threat to their continued hold on power.

News about Hunter Biden’s laptop has also finally been picked up by major media; prompting the question of: how come they’re no longer giving Biden a pass? Is something big coming?

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