Is having a six pack or the “beach body” look really important to health and fitness?

By Emory Moore
Emory Moore
Emory Moore
May 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016



Join us for a rare interview.  Experience a demonstration by James MA Nicholson on his unique stretching technique followed by an EM Technique interview with Apollonia Holzer, Lesley Powell and James. 

Pilates, Gyrotonic,Laban, Franklin method, yoga dance and martial arts three expert exercise and movement professionals with over a hundred years of experience on the panel…

 We delve into the “state of fitness” and challenge the prevailing stereotype of what it is to be fit and why the fit industry doesn’t seem to think its ok to get older?


Apollonia Holzer 


James MA Nicholson

Lesley Powell


Through my lens…


Emory M. Moore Jr.
Founder of EM Technique – Way of body harmony




Emory Moore