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Is China Gearing Up for War?

The Chinese regime is hinting at war.

From an amphibious landing exercise simulating an invasion across the Taiwan Strait, to increasing benefits for military members, to making changes to a law that gives communist leader Xi Jinping more power to mobilize the country and wage a war, a series of military-related moves by China is raising concerns.

Some worry the communist regime is already on track toward preparing the country to invade Taiwan, and it may not stop at Taiwan.

Is the regime seriously trying to mobilize its 1.4 billion people for an invasion of Taiwan? If so, how soon? Or are the threats aimed at launching an information war across the strait? And exactly where does the Taiwan issue come from, and why is it so critical?

China analyst Bradley Thayer said, “Taiwan is in microcosm, really the dispositive issue of the 21st century.”

We examine these questions and more. Watch the full report on EpochTV.

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