iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 5S Vs HTC One M8 Vs Moto X Vs Lumia 1020 Bend Test, Durability, Side by Side Comparison

September 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The iPhone 6 Plus bends, but does the iPhone 6 and other comparable phones? 

Barely a week after its release, Apple’s new phablet has been causing quite the kerfuffle on the Internet after several owners reported that the phone bends when placed in their pocket. 

Slightly skeptical after hearing the news, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy did his own test on the iPhone 6 Plus by bending it with his bare hands, proving once and for all that Apple’s latest and greatest is well, not really all that stellar in the durability department. 

After proving that the similar size Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet is nowhere near as malleable as the iPhone 6 Plus, Hilsenteger proceeded to subject the iPhone 6, Moto X, HTC One (M8), and Nokia Lumia 1020 to the “painful” bend test. 

As it turns out, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is much more durable than its big screen counterpart. Hilsenteger managed to put a small dent in the place he bent it, and could push it back. 

Of all the phones tested, the Moto X proved the most robust. Hilsenteger was unable to do any damage at all to the new second gen Moto X despite plenty of straining. 

The Lumia 1020 fared second best. Although a cracking noise was heard when the screen popped out a little, the Lumia lived up to the legendary Nokia phone status of being nigh unbreakable. 

Finally the aluminium unibody HTC One (M8) also “survived” the bend test in that it didn’t warp like the iPhone 6 Plus, but “the screen popped out a little bit” and Hilsenteger heard “a nasty noise.” The HTC One (M8) could still boot up normally, and the screen popped back just fine. 

Check out the video below.