iOS 8 Rumors: Beta Download Shows Customizable Control Center, Lock Screen? (+Photos)

Apple released iOS 8 beta for download recently, and already users are uncovering interesting new features.

iOS developer Hamza Sood discovered that the Control Center and Lock screen are now customizable, and has released some screenshots as prove.


In the Settings menu in iOS 8, users can now toggle switches for adding, removing, and even reordering app shortcuts in Control Center.

In another tweet, Sood posted a screenshot of iOS 8 internal settings that could hint at support for Lock screen extensions.


According to iDownloadBlog, Sood showed hidden settings for the iOS 7 last year, but most of the features — multitasking, folder options, gestures, offline diction — were not released for the public version of iOS 7.

Further, the iOS 8 features that Sood shows are not in the iOS 8 documentation that Apple provided to developers at WWDC 2014, which could mean that Sood’s discoveries are limited to the beta version and may never see the light of day.

It should be noted, however, that Sood did reveal a fingerprint scanner feature in the iOS 7 beta which turned out to be Touch ID. So there is an outside’s chance that Sood’s recent discoveries might be integrated into the official version of iOS 8.