iOS 8 Release Date, News: Beta 5, Beta 6 Slated for August Launch, Gold Master Out ‘Several Weeks’ After

The next two iOS 8 beta updates will be released in August.

According to BGR, Apple is going to release the iOS 8 beta 5 to developers on August 4, and the iOS 6 beta 6 on August 15.

After a “lull of several weeks,” Apple will then launch the iOS 8 Golden Master (GM), which will be the final beta version.

The current beta version, beta 4, finally releases the first-party app “Tips.”

There are six tips included in this version:

1) Quickly respond to a notification – How to reply directly inside a notification

2) Notify me when there’s a reply – About Mail’s new notification feature for important emails

3) Hey, Siri – About Siri’s new, hands-free, voice activation feature

4) Send a spoken message – Messages’ new audio messaging feature

5) Quickly manage your mail – New swipe gestures to flag, mark read, and delete messages in

6) Be in the shot – Camera’s new shutter timer

Tips can be shared via Mail, Message, Facebook and Twitter.

The Control Center was also substantially redesigned, and is noticeably flatter and more consistent with the rest of iOS 8. The black borders around the icons have been removed, and they now turn white when activated.

Another interesting feature in iOS 8 beta 4 is the ability to transcribe spoken text on-the-fly on Messages. Previously, Messages would wait until the user finishes dictating before transcribing the words.