Injured Dog Was Trapped in Well for Several Days, It Saved by Persistence of Good Samaritans

April 23, 2019 Updated: April 23, 2019

Heartwarming footage of the moment a group of kindhearted people rescue a poor, desperate dog from a deep well that it had been trapped in for days has surfaced online.

The video, filmed in south western India, shows a group of good Samaritans attempting to winch the injured canine out of the water using whatever tools they could find, including a stick and makeshift rope.

The poor animal can be seen with bloodied claws from the effort it had put in trying to escape the massive hole in the ground and was clearly suffering from stress as it cowered near to the waterline.

With admirable persistence, the group throws the man-made rope into the well over and over again as they try to lasso the poor, terrified animal using a noose made from whatever they could salvage nearby.

On one occasion they manage to get the rope to tighten around the dog’s neck but as it is being lifted out of the well and to safety, the poor animal slips from the noose and falls heartbreakingly back into the murky water below where it clamors for safety back onto the narrow bank.

Finally, the rope falls over the dog’s neck and with one swift upward motion the dog is lifted to the safety above where it wags its tail at its rescuers.

The men can be seen petting the relieved animal with wide grins on their faces, obviously relieved that they have saved the poor pooch. The video ends with a shot of the men removing the makeshift noose from around the dog’s neck and the two men stroke the exhausted animal happily.

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Video Credit: Newsflare