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Inflation Hits 40-Year High at 9.1%; Economist: 125% Debt-to-GDP Ratio Unsustainable | NTD Business

Inflation is surging to the highest level in 40 years in June, to 9.1 percent. Is this the peak, or will it go higher?

Over the last two years, the U.S. national debt has increased by 25 percent. Every man, woman, and child across America owes $91,000 on average. What can be done to reduce the national debt?

Google is slowing hiring for the rest of this year. What’s the CEO’s message to employees?

Amazon’s Ring says it gave the government a record amount of video footage and other information last year after receiving thousands of legal demands.

Illinois is renaming and rebranding an invasive fish that threatens the Great Lakes region, giving it appetizing marketing.

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