Infection to Keep Brazil’s Bolsonaro in Hospital Longer: Paper

September 28, 2018 Updated: September 28, 2018

SAO PAULO—Brazilian right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, the front-runner in next month’s election, will not leave hospital on Sept. 28 as expected due to an infection, the Estado de S.Paulo newspaper reported on Sept. 27.

Citing sources close to Bolsonaro, the paper said he caught a bacterial infection after a catheter was removed during his recovery from a near-fatal stabbing in the abdomen three weeks ago.

Bolsonaro has held the lead for the Oct. 7 election despite being unable to campaign.

Bolsonaro’s campaign did not return calls.

Spokespeople for Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein hospital did not immediately reply to requests for comment. The hospital’s daily bulletin on Bolsonaro’s condition issued in the afternoon said he was recovering well and had no fever or pain.

Bolsonaro, 63, was stabbed by an assailant on Sept. 6 as he was carried aloft by supporters in a street rally.

By Anthony Boadle