Indiana Jones 5 and Star Wars Episode VII Rumors

February 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Some new rumors have just come out about Star Wars Episode 7 and Indiana Jones 5.

The more concrete ones are about Episode VII, since everyone knows it’s going to happen.

Den of Geek reports that work has begun at Pinewood Studios on a full scale Millennium Falcon and that model makers are also building lightsaber hilts–seemingly confirmation that the emphasis will be on physical parts over computer generated effects wherever possible.

The makers on the project are also being recruited on contracts of up to seven years, which covers Episode VII, VIII, and VIIII, as well as three spin-offs. Producers have previously announced plans to release a Star Wars movie every year after Episode VII is released in December 2015.

The other rumors involved with the report, which is said to have come from a good, reliable source, is that the planning office has booked some stages for Indiana Jones 5.

This doesn’t mean that the movie will be made, but does advance rumors that it will be made in the next couple years.

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