Impeachment Lawyer Daniel Goldman Says He Has Cononavirus

March 17, 2020 Updated: March 17, 2020

The top lawyer for Democrats during the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump said that he tested positive for coronavirus, just days after Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) confirmed that a Democratic staffer contracted the virus.

“My COVID-19 test came back positive. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. It means a lot to my family and me,” he wrote on Twitter. “I am almost back to 100 percent. I’m lucky enough not to fall in the vulnerable category and, for me, it was just like the flu.”

Goldman, who conducted most of the questioning for the House Intelligence Committee’s Democratic witnesses late last year, said he has had difficulty in getting tested for the virus.

“My difficulty in getting a test despite the exact symptoms and a negative flu test underscores how shockingly unprepared this administration is to deal with this pandemic. In fact, I was told that NYC hospitals STILL would not test my wife—with similar symptoms—unless admitted,” the lawyer wrote.

Last week, he started writing about his symptoms and lamented the lack of testing in New York City.

Goldman went to Weill Cornell hospital in New York City last week and said there was a significant number of people in the emergency room. He waited for six hours for results to come back.

Schiff, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, announced that a staffer tested positive for the virus.

“Medical professionals believe that my former staff member likely contracted the virus after leaving the office, but we will still be taking additional precautions over the next few days,” Schiff said in a statement. “The former staffer is feeling better and no current staff have reported any flu-like symptoms at this time.”

Goldman later confirmed that the staffer was him. His last day working on Capitol Hill was on March 6.