Huffington Post Draws Ire After Posting ’11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook’ Following New Comment Policy

December 30, 2013 Updated: December 31, 2013

Scores of people are commenting on the irony of the Huffington Post posting a story “11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook” following its widely criticized move to limit commenting to people with verified Facebook accounts.

Hundreds if not thousands (or tens of thousands) of users have left or severely limited their posting on Huff Post following the move to require a verified Facebook account if one wants to comment on any articles on the website. The verified Facebook account requires a mobile phone number, and is supposed to require a real name. Users can then choose to use their first name and last initial, or first name and last name, while posting on the site.

People wondered about the timing of the story, coming about two weeks after the requirement hit users by surprise, prompting many to leave because they felt they’d been lied to.

“Are you just taunting us, Huff?” asked Semprini S. on the article, which outlines 11 completely negative aspects of Facebook, including that it “makes it impossible for you to stay ‘private,'” which is one of the reasons people have cited as leaving Huff Post once the requirement set in.

“Didn’t HuffPo just REQUIRE us to have a Facebook account to comment?” asked another user, Mack V.

“Had to start completely over here due to FB and mobile number requirements,” said Larry S. “Not happy.”

“Oh, so your going to eliminate ‘log in with Facebook?'” asked Ron May via Facebook.

Other reasons you should quit Facebook, outlined in the article, include “Facebook is even keeping track of what you don’t say”, “Facebook makes you feel less positive about your life”, and “The excessive ads are about to ruin the whole experience.”

One user alluded to people using fake accounts on Facebook to skirt around part of the new requirements.

“My entire Facebook profile is fake,” said Dennis H. “I get some really weird comments for going to school at Cthulhu U, but I can deal with it.”

Here are some other thoughts:

“Actually, I think I may quit Huff Post instead” -Andrew Paul Wood

“I’d love to quit Facebook, but some folks at the Huffington Post decided I can’t post comments without having a verified membership! Does this story hint that this could change??? Hope so…way too many friends who know my feelings about Facebook have been having WAY too much fun with the ‘So finally gave in?’ routine!!!” -Don McDonald

“It helps me keep in touch with my children who have all moved to different states and it helps my cousin keep in touch with her husband who is deployed. There are some legit reasons, but I agree that there are too many stupid memes and shares.” – Patty Flaherty

“f they didn’t have games on it I couldn’t otherwise access, I wouldn’t even have an account. But I’m having fun and even made a couple new friends. Still, I don’t excessively post things about myself and I guess I’m staying ahead of the curve.” -Michael F.

“This is just ironic to see this suggestion on Facebook.” – Liz Matthews-Roe

“This is hilarious. Are you all nuts at HP? You force your faithful commenting community to hand you a verified FB account to be able to post to your silly rag then rage against FB? Bahahahaha. ‘The Huffington Post will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, News Feed, birthday, interests, current city, personal description and likes.'” -Marion Ambler

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