How Would Aliens Disguise Themselves Among Us? ‘Aliens of Reddit’ Discuss

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
January 30, 2014 Updated: January 30, 2014

A Redditor asked “Aliens of Reddit” the question “How do you disguise yourself to avoid detection?” 

Here are eight of the top answers:


1. If anyone is suspicious I start talking about MTV. They immediately zone out.


Image of youth listening to music via Shutterstock


2. The following response was written in Cyrillic, but it spells out English words phonetically. Clever.

Лайк айм гонна экспоуз май кавер симпли бикоз самван аскт.

Ступид хъюманс.


Deciphered: “Like I’m gonna expose my cover simply because someone asked. Stupid humans.”


3. I found it quite funny that you earthlings never considered that we might look exactly like you.


*Image of woman on the street via Shutterstock


4. Surgically had a couple of knuckles removed, added two extra toes, and had my eyes rotated by 78 degrees. Of course, if they cut me open they’ll freak out, but to the casual observer I’m just a really tall dude.



5. I’m from Krypton, so I just wear fake glasses.



6. I use a flexible endoskeleton that stretches like skin to contain my “abnormal” shape. This makes moving difficult, but at the advice of others from my species, I have utilized an electric scooter to assist with my mobility. We meet regularly at malls and Disney World.



7. I did what the others from my home planet do when they inhabit this planet. Appear as what you humans call a “ginger.”


(Dusdin/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)


8. [I’m] not an alien, but I am a Time Traveler.

When extraterrestrials did/do finally stop by Earth, those species whose anatomy was/is conducive to disguise generally use(d) poly polymer forms over an environmental mechanoid.

Easy to miss on visual inspection, but tactile contact or physical exams generally reveal(ed) their nature quickly.