How To Get Back In The ‘Zone’

Like everyone, you have days when even a third cup of coffee isn’t going to help you get in the zone. But in a society that places so much emphasis on dollars and business, how does one justify the importance of mindset in the work place? And yet, all time high performance records in companies that embrace corporate wellness only prove its importance. So what can you do when your zing is missing and making cha ching is a necessity?

Below are some slightly awkward, but mostly fun, activities to try to get your groove back: 

Music. Never underestimate the power of a good jam to put you back in high spirits. If you’re the type, go enjoy some karaoke.

Art therapy. It might sound silly, but creating anything at all – even a popsicle stick figure – can have huge positive effects on moral. If you have kids, you can always use them as an excuse.

Talk it out. Sometimes you just need to vent. So go ahead, just make sure you set a timer and tell your best friend they have the right to cut you off.

Affirmations. Getting out of your funk relies heavily on understanding how to change your thought pattern. Once you can go to ‘uh. I hate walking up in the morning’ to ‘Can’t wait to see what today brings!’ you’ll notice a huge swirl of possibilities pop up in your life. The key is to always focus on what you already have instead of becoming obsessed with what is missing.  An exercise to start practicing this change in mindset is standing in front of the mirror and repeating your fortune over and over. It’s awkward, but effective.

Field trip. Take a change of pace and take a mini road trip. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, just visiting the next state over can give you fresh perspective upon your return.

Embrace change. Often we’ll get into a funk because change is being forced upon us that we just aren’t ready to accept. Brace yourself – this is life! Other times, we know exactly what changes we need to make to be happy, and it’s all about just taking the ice cold plunge into uncertainty.

Sweat it out.  No seriously, getting those endorphins pumping is powerful stuff. 

Go to see a comedy show.  Just remember to sit in the back so the comedian doesn’t pick on you.

Good ‘ol quality time. Draw a bath, play poker, or enjoy a tasty cocktail. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will help you recharge and invigorated. 

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