How to Download and Install Cydia After iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu8 Jailbreak

The Cydia is basically an iOS software which enables the users of iOS to install and download apps and software on Jailbroken iOS device
October 27, 2014 Updated: October 27, 2014

The Pangu8 Jailbreak tutorial which we shared yesterday was not having Cydia app because the process of installing Cydia on iOS 8 after Pangu8 Jailbreak is different. Additionally, Cydia was relased after the Jailbreak of iOS  8 – 8.1. Therefore, today we are sharing that, “How to download and Install Cydia on iOS 8 and 8.1 after Pangu8 Jailbreak?”

The Cydia is basically an iOS software which enables the users of iOS to install and download apps and software on Jailbroken iOS device. So, if you will not install Cydia on your Jailbroken device then you will not be able to install and download software and apps on your device.

Therefore, it is very much important for you to install Cydia, if you really want to enjoy the restriction free access on your Apple device. The process of downloading and installing Cydia after Pangu8 Jailbreak is little complicated.

Caution: It is little technical tutorial. Only proceed if you are familiar with SFTP and OpenSSH. Additionally, if your iOS 8 and 8.1 is not Jailbroken then don’t proceed at all.

Learn-How to Download and Install Cydia

So, here comes the matter of learning for you guys. If you have Jailbroken your iOS 8 and 8.1 devices then you ought to download Cydia app for that to enjoy different applications and software.

The steps of installing Cydia app on your Pangu8 Jailbroken device are clearly elaborated below. So, without wasting your times, I would request you to go through the below steps:

  • First of all, ensure that your iOS 8 or 8.1 is Jailbroken. If it is not then check out the below guide to Jailbreak iOS and 8.1

Guide: How to Jailbreak iOS 8 and 8.1 Using Pangu8

  • After that, download Cydia deb file  and Cydia Lyproj file. You can download these both files from this link 
  • Furthermore, you need to download some software too on your computer. If you are on Windows PC then download and WinSCP and if you are on Mac then download and install Cyberduck. You need use any of this software to send the file to iOS device. These are SFTP programs used to send files to iOS devices.
  • Afterwards, you need to connect your PC or Mac and iOS device with the same network.
  • Additionally, you need to note down the IP address of your iOS device and for that follow these steps: Go to Settings and then go to WiFi and then you need to tap on “i” button in front of your connected network. Now you have to note down the IP from there. It would be in the form of numbers in box labelled under IP Address
  • Now, you need to download and install OpenSSH on your iOS 8 or 8.1 device. Additionally, to download and install it you need to follow these steps:

First connect your device with the internet connection, ensure the same connection and then tap on Pangu8 icon on your device’s hoemscreen >> tap on OpenSSH icon >> Tap on Install from the top right corner >> It will take some time to be installed and you are done.

  • Furthermore, if you are on Windows PC then run WinSCP and if you are on Mac then run Cyberduckwhich you downloaded and installed, and on your iOS device run OpenSSH
  • Ones your software for Windows or Mac is opened then you will see some options like below, you need to insert the options as suggested below:
  1. IP Address: Your IP Address Which you’ve noted above
  2. Username: root
  3. Password: alpine
  • These are the details which you need to add. After that the software (browser) will get appear then you have to add .deb files (Deb File and Cydia Lyproj) in the root folder of your iOS device. It could be any folder which you can remember easily
  • Now, here you need to be little attentive, since this is the command section. So, if you are on PC then press Ctrl+T and if you are on Mac then press ⌘+T
  • Afterwards, you will see command window, and in that window you need to run following commands
  • First Run this Command

dpkg -i cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb

  • After that run this command

dpkg -i cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb

  • There is a probability that you could receive a dependency missing warning, then you need to download it manually and repeat the process
  • Now, reboot your Device and then you will see a Cydia icon on the home screen of your device
  • Congratulations! It worked for you and if you are facing troubles then do let us know.


This was detailed article which has guided you that, “How to download Install Cydia on iOS 8 and 8.1 after Pangu8 Jailbreak?” If you have any kind of confusions or questions left then do share your queries with us. We will get back to you soon.

Additionally, if you have found this guide which make you learn that “how to download and install Cydia after Jailbreak” helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends. You may never know that any of your friend is heading for such information.

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