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How Democrats Invert the Truth to Fit Their Narratives | Truth Over News

One of the great strengths of the Left has been their ability to reframe events to suit their narratives. The method is called gaslighting, and it’s perhaps the Left’s most-used tactic.

Used repeatedly during Donald Trump’s presidency, gaslighting has gained a new level of momentum during Joe Biden’s administration.

We saw it during impeachment hearings where Trump was accused of crimes that really describe actions taken by Biden. We’ve seen it more recently during the promotion of critical race theory and ongoing prosecutions surrounding Jan. 6. We’ve seen it in the Left’s narrative inversion regarding rising crime rates and the defunding of police. And we’ve seen it in recent claims regarding support for our nation’s military.

Why do these tactics repeatedly work? How are they employed? And why does the GOP keep falling for them?

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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