Homeland Spoilers: Season 4 Cast and Plot Rumors for Showtime Show

January 14, 2014 Updated: January 14, 2014

Homeland season 4 is set to start later this year, and potential spoilers for the Showtime show, as well as rumors, have been coming out ever since the end of season 3.

Let’s take a look at some of them.



-Brody is really dead, showrunner Alex Gansa emphasized to TVLine. “All the evidence points to his death, undoubtedly,” Gansa said. “I encourage [doubters] to watch the episode again. The issue has been settled. He is not unkillable.”

-Brody’s wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) and daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) will not return as regulars following Brody’s death, reported TVLine. However, Gansa said that “it’s a definite possibility” the pair will return as guest stars.

-Brody’s family couldn’t have learned about Brody’s death because neither Carrie nor Saul were in a position to tell them about it, Gansa said. From another angle, “there’s nothing Carrie could have said to Dana or explained to Dana that really would have changed her opinion about her father,” Gansa told Vulture. “We thought that would have just been another scene, in which we would retread old ground. What was really important was how Carrie felt about it.” At the same time, Carrie could connect with one of them, the main reason being to inform them exactly how and why Brody died.

-Brody could appear as a flashback, though it’s “highly doubtful,” Gansa told Entertainment Weekly



-Carrie will have her baby, Gansa told Vulture. As for how she’ll take care of it, “I don’t know whether she’s going to be a great mother or a terrible mother. Who knows? Carrie’s going to have to wait and see when the baby’s born, to know what to do.” He added to EW: “Does she take the kid with her to Istanbul? Does she leave it with her father?”

-The story line will shift in season 4. “I think there’s no doubt that the show has to be reinvented, on some level,” Gansa told Vulture. “We don’t have the central relationship that was so important for the first three seasons. But I think we have a lot of fantastic characters up and running, and we will clearly dial them into the show in one way or another. And Saul, even though he’s out of the CIA, he’s a private contractor now, and if there’s one thing we know about the CIA, it’s that they outsource a lot of work to these private contractors. So Carrie and Saul’s paths could easily, easily cross again. Some people found that mentor-mentee relationship was more important than these star-crossed lovers. We tried to cater to both those ideas.”



-Season 4 will definitely include Mandy Patinkin, and might include Rupert Friend, Gansa said.

-Saul will still have his beard, despite Mandy Patinkin shaving his off after the end of season 3. 


-Javidi could be back, Gansa told EW. “It’s an open question. One of the great things about season to season is how much time passes. We could jump ahead quite far — or not. And all those decisions will reverberate, and one of those is whether Javadi will come back and play a major role in season 4, or is there some new challenge Carrie will have to confront.”



-Carrie and Quinn could get involved romantically, Gansa told TVLine. “I think if there is romantic energy between them it’s at a very nascent state,” he said. “Carrie’s emotions have been engaged elsewhere, so it’s unclear how she feels about him. I think it’s pretty clear how he feels about her. But whether Carrie Mathison is going to be emotionally available for a romantic entanglement is another question entirely.”

Homeland starts filming the fourth season in May.

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