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Hidden Powers of Vinegar–Detox, Tumor-Fighting, Weight Loss, etc

Why do people now drink–from the glass–what was once confined to the status of seasoning for salad or fish and chips? Vinegar would have to offer powerful health benefits to offset its bitter assault on the taste buds. Today on #VitalSigns we’re going to explore what those are and what die-hard vinegar drinkers may need to be wary of.

There’s wine vinegar, rice vinegar, black vinegar, white vinegar, and of course apple cider vinegar (ACV) – which one wets your whistle? And if it’s ACV–is that ‘with the mother’ or without?

Things like infection, pollution, and excessive stress cause oxidative stress to the cells, which is linked to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease – what role can vinegar play in this bodily phenomenon? And does vinegar really help with weight loss?

Get the ‘bitter truth’ about vinegar on #VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon.

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