NYPD Records Lowest Quarter for Murders and Shootings Since 1994

By Andrew Simontacchi, Epoch Times
April 5, 2016 Updated: April 10, 2016

The NYPD just recorded its lowest quarter for murders and shootings since 1994.

Along with the drop in murders and shootings robberies, burglaries, and grand theft autos are also down.

The CompStat era, which began closely tracking crime in 1994, has brought about a new era for the NYPD and its data analysis.

According to an NYPD press release from April 4, the police department has reported that compared to 2015, there have been 18 fewer murders and 30 less shootings in 2016, making this year’s first quarter the safest since the CompStat era emerged.

Using unprecedented technology, the NYPD is operating with greater precision than ever before.
— William J. Bratton, NYPD Police Commissioner

The same goes for robberies, burglaries, and grand larceny autos year-to-date which are down by 72, 199, and 127 respectively.

In the month of March alone, 2015 and 2016 were 1:1 with 27 murders—but there were 2 fewer shootings, 3 fewer rapes, 18 fewer robberies, 59 fewer burglaries, and 68 fewer grand theft autos. March was up 22 felony assaults and 224 grand larcenies.

Gun arrests are believed to play a large role in the drop in shootings and murders which are up 13.3 percent when comparing first quarter 2016 to first quarter 2015.

The NYPD’s brief shimmer of success comes at a time where large cities like Dallas and Chicago are facing their highest crime filings in years.

There is no question that this progress stems from NYPD’s expert work getting guns off our streets.
— Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor

“To have the safest quarter in murders and shootings is a significant benchmark,” Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said in the release. “I am extremely proud of the results achieved by the men and women of this department. As always, we will continue to adjust our tactics to address fluctuations in crime. Using unprecedented technology, the NYPD is operating with greater precision than ever before.”

“Our communities saw the fewest murders and shootings of any quarter in recorded history, and there is no question that this progress stems from NYPD’s expert work getting guns off our streets,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He added: “With more guns out of our neighborhoods and gun arrests on the rise, the NYPD is helping prevent hundreds of tragedies and protect countless lives. I want to thank Commissioner Bratton and all the members of NYPD for their tireless work in keeping our streets safe across the five boroughs.”