Hemlock Grove Season 3: Netflix Show Not Renewed or Canceled Yet; Stars Discuss Potential Future Plot

Hemlock Grove season 2 recently hit Netflix, and fans are wondering whether the show will get renewed or canceled.

Predictions are hard to make because the streaming company doesn’t release viewing figures, although the first season of the show was well-received in general (though not critically).

If there is a season three, stars Bill Skarsgard (Roman Godfrey) and Landon Liboiron(Peter Rumancek) discussed what could happen next.

“I don’t know how things will shake out,” Skarsgard told Zap2it. “It’s really funny to think of that whole thing of what will Season 3 will be like, because I have no idea. Like, I have no idea.”

Though season 2 was a reinvention of the show, Skarsgard felt pretty prepared–but not for a potential season 3.

“First season, I kind of had an idea where the second season would go, so we knew a little bit about. Third season, yeah, no idea,” he says. “It’s going to be a lot of troubles, I think.”

Liboiron expects that some answers will come in season 3 as “nothing gets resolved” at the end of season 2, plus more questions come from the action in the second-to-last scene.

“There’s a lot of open ends for the season,” Skarsgard says. “There’s a lot of questions that have definitely not been answered, which is hopefully something that people want to see more of and have answered.”


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